Here are some pics of my modification of a DELL GX280 in a standard ATX case.

Below are the pics of the final put together of the FASTEST DELL GX280 out there.
-latest DELL GX280 motherboard BIOS version is A08
-retapped motherboard case holes
-after market psu CORSAIR TX750W -rated best PSU
-after market video 9800 GT EVGA AKIMBO dual DVI
-configuration of GX280 motherboard to front USB and start button (very easy)
-SCSI LVD 10k rpm 145gig drive - server quality
-ARCTIC SILVER 5 used on the Dell GX280 cpu (3.4hgz)
-CORSAIR memory with heatsinks built on are ordered and on its way - pics have standard dell memory (4 gig 800mhz) 4 X 1gig
-glue gun and a dremil is a must for the modifications below- wear safety glasses

I will add more details and information to each picture on this modification shortly. This system setup is super fast and is great as a workstation or serious gaming machine. If you have any questions just email d44@intenseweb.com

Status Update:
Just removed the Dell motherboard and installed an aftermarket ASUS motherboard which has a lot more features and functionality like fan controls through the bios, lots of sata connectors allowing onboard raid. The aftermarket board has a lot more usb 2.0 ports and is a lot more functional than messing wit the Dell. If I had to do it over again I would have started with the ASUS board.