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Darin Grey has both a Civil and Environmental Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. But who is he really? Darin Grey has programmed numerous ecommerce platforms, developed softwares, and a variety of other web and desktop applications. Darin's expertise is in Jquery, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap 3, classic ASP, .NET, Microsoft SQL, T-SQL, database design, and all types of server setup configurations as well as billing platforms. Darin has setup large ecom Microsoft SQL databases backend websites from scratch. Most notable are: WorldofWatches.com, SmartBargains.com, eWatches.com, EditorsCloset.com, TheWatchery, HatchaPet.com, and ScanID.com. For the these aformentioned sites, Darin has created the entire ecom platform, database, all functionality, fulfillment processing and server setups. Darin Grey is also a certified helicopter pilot and ran a helicopter business HeliViews, a Rotor Travel company, with his own 2004 R44 Robinson Helicopter. Darin was fortunate enough to participate in the sale of the company, The SWI Group, where he worked for over 6 years. Darin Grey now dedicates his time with his family, real estate, programming, and developing businesses to improve the world.

Darin has been in case studies regarding DDOS mitigation and attacks. Article 1, Prolexic Article, Press Release, PDF (1.9mb)

Darin is someone who enjoys life to the fullest and believes a person is capable of anything if they put their mind to it. From staying in tune with health and fitness, to writing complicated code alogorithms and ecommerce solutions, to piloting a helicopter, Darin Grey believes people are capable of so much more.

Darin Grey also donated supplies during Hurricane Katrina by flying a helicopter 8 hrs straight (with fuel stops of course) with a nurse, clothing and other miscellaneous supplies on board. After landing, he passed out supplies and offered his services until night fall. Darin flew next to Black Hawk helicopters and got to experience what a disaster zone was all about. "There was not much you could do. Passing out supplies and trying to make people feel better in that situation was tough."--Darin

Darin Grey quotes "Life has a lot to offer... accomplishments and monetary achievements are one thing, but finding that special someone and loving your family is the most important. Those who tell you that you can't do something or cause conflict within your family, try avoiding those people and focus on your goals. Surrounding yourself next to positive people can make a world of difference on your health and life longevity."

Currently: Founder and CEO of ScanID.com (Track people, pets, and things), HatchaPet.com (interactive children's book), and FeelingWell.com (only US authorized online Environ distributor).

Hobbies include: Biking, Fishing, Fitness, Astronomy, Motorcycles, Helicopters, Drones, Programming

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Below are some links to some old hobbies Darin had with some useful information that was requested:

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Darin's Dell GX280 Modification - updated (fastest DELL GX280 on the planet)

AOL email Telnet testing step by step when testing communication to a mail server.

Battery Maintenance for Lipo, NiCd, and NiMH step by step on how to charge and discharge your batteries.

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